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What could God be saying right now # I?

In 2010 the Father spoke to Meryl and me. It was not the kind of calling moment most of us long for. By the flawed limits of our humanity, we generally tend toward comfort, convenience and abundance. This was not one of those moments. After 14 years of hard labor, with a rather remarkable team, we saw Southlands Church move from great brokenness to the first fruits of healing and restoration. She was beginning to look really beautiful.

Then the Father spoke to us to hand on the leadership of this beautiful community and move on to an unchartered "road less travelled". This was probably the most difficult thing the Father ever asked us to do. We did not want to do that. I think it was the closest I came to resisting the will of God for our lives.

Meryl had to find her own comfort and sense of reassurance. Two things the Father said to her during those dark days held her in grace even when she was fragile and her faith faltered. The first was from Isaiah when the text read to …

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